Gallery Creator for GitHub

Always wanted to prove 'em that you are one of the cool guys at GitHub? Then don't miss the chance! Add a gallery to your project's today. Be a winner.

Create markdown links at GitHub

  1. Go to your GitHub project repository
  2. Open your issue list and click "New Issue"
  3. Drag'n'drop your images into the issue's textarea
  4. Copy the markdown code from the issue's textarea

Paste the code into the textarea below

Remove the demo code below, then paste your code…

Adjust your gallery like a boss.

Images per Row Spacing

Your Project

This is a preview of how the gallery will look in your repo's readme. Of course you can add multiple image galleries and separate them with text. Images that have the same aspect ratio will look better than images with different proportions.

Now grab yer code and get outta here.

Click into the textarea below to select the code. Then copy'n'paste it into your project's and you are good! By the way, you can also paste it into issues, that will work too!